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From Food Delivery to Piloting a Mars Rover,

Your Business Depends on APIs 

Reduce Time and Spend on

Migration and Management

Harness the platform to manage legacy or new serverless environments, hybrid cloud, or complex migration or deployment scenarios all in a centralized way.

Centralize Access, Billing, and Monitoring

Centralize machine and user access, roles, public or private access and visibility, control rate limiting, handle logging and reporting, and determine risks and threats all without having to modify existing infrastructure.

Create New Business and Revenue Opportunities

Track internal and external APIs from a central location, handle reporting usage metrics, easily gain visibility into third party access and create new opportunities by allowing people to gain access to APIs publicly or privately. 

API Subscription Management, Now a Cinch

With Apiratus, teams can easily access and subscribe to different API's in a controlled and federated way. 

No insecure sharing of API keys in email, or chat systems.  No need to find out what server the API is running on or where it's located, whether it's internal or external, or whether it's being accessed by an employee, external partner, or contractor.

Finding APIs, managing access, and generating client code all takes place within a single pane of glass rather than multi-location info gathering.

Easily Control API Access

At most organizations, API access is generally controlled through either system level access, user access, or controls embedded into an application and then granted in a variety of nonstandard ways.

With Apiratus, API access can be public, private, internal, or external. Users can even subscribe to or be invited to APIs that they can access for the machines they use. 

Reach Many Audiences

With Apiratus Service Tiers, it's possible to target a single API definition towards multiple audiences.

Areas that may be targeted with each tier are:

  • Differing groups of users - general users, private users, contractors, developers, admins, etc...

  • Differing API sources -- target each tier to differing serverless functions

  • Differing API versions

  • Development and production API versions

  • Differing API data sets

  • Mobile app developers -- no Apiratus subscription required

  • Billing / pricing

  • Source IP's

No Matter Your Infrastructure, We've Got You Covered

We recognise that not all orgs have the same business and infrastructure requirements.  Apiratus has the right-sized peg to fit your hole's shape.

Apiratus is offered in the following flavours:


  • Public cloud

  • Enterprise private cloud (self-managed)

  • Enterprise hosted cloud (we manage)

  • Enterprise on-prem

Serverless Migration
(Without the Migraine)

Until now, transitioning a legacy REST-based API to a serverless model has been a real drag.  Apiratus makes it possible to bridge the serverless divide, allowing a clear and frictionless transition from legacy models to the future of delivery, using top serverless technologies.

Use either AWS Lambda or Microsoft Azure functions, or use both simultaneously!  Transition your API to serverless one API call at a time, as your time and development resources permit.

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